Upcoming Speaking Engagement

I will be speaking at the Family Court Services, Lunch & Learn discussion series in Miami on Wednesday, November 14th. I will be discussing how to keep calm and survive a Florida licensing board, Florida Bar or Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission complaint.


Let’s face it, when your receive a complaint from your licensing board, the Florida Bar or the Judicial Qualifications Commission, it’s scary.

Panic may set in. Facing a formal complaint can be a daunting experience and may be a “scarlet letter” on your career. When you work in the arena of family law, you need to be especially prepared for the possibility of receiving a complaint.

Don’t be spooked. Through this presentation, mental health professionals, attorneys, and the judiciary will become familiar with the process of a licensing board, Florida Bar and JQC complaint, from submission through possible hearing outcomes.

Dr. Netta Shaked, Judge Jason Dimitris, and Ronald Kauffman, Esq. will outline how complaints may impact you, both professionally and personally. In addition, we will highlight ways to cope with and overcome the results of the complaint process, on a professional and personal level. Lastly, we will identify some red flags and tips for avoiding a complaint altogether.

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