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Divorce and custody disputes are complicated and emotionally overwhelming. It can be difficult to see eye-to-eye with your soon-to-be-ex as you try to divide assets, determine support, and share time with kids. Complexities grow if your relationship is an international or interstate one.

Ronald H. Kauffman is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Board Certified Marital and Family lawyer, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and International Academy of Family Lawyers, with more than 20 years experience handling family law cases at trial and on appeal. Ron brings a trusted and respected experience to the process.


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Helping Clients Reach Long-Term Solutions

Mediation is a process that helps separating and divorcing couples find amicable solutions to their disputes. The process uses an impartial third party, a family mediator, who is trained in mediation.

While some couples are able to come to an agreement on their own, others need the assistance of an unbiased third party. That’s when a Family Mediator comes in. Mediation can be a great way for separating couples who can’t agree on their custody and financial issues, but don’t want to entrust their future to a judge they don’t know.

Mediators do not make decisions in your case. Instead, mediators work with each party and their lawyers separately to find solutions. The final decision is always in your hands. The mediator’s job is simply to help move the conversation in a positive and productive direction.

Assisting Clients Throughout Florida

Ronald H. Kauffman, P.A. - Miami Family Law Attorney

Ron works with clients in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, the Florida Keys and throughout Florida. If you face divorce, enlist the services of a divorce and family lawyer who has a record of success and places an emphasis on providing personal service at reasonable rates.

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Divorce is among the most challenging experiences. Your long-term financial stability and other critical decisions will be made at the same time you are coping with the emotional fallout of a failed marriage.

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Family Law

There are a number of attorneys in South Florida, but only a handful are board certified in marital and family law by the Supreme Court of Florida and the Florida Bar. Ronald H. Kauffman is one of them.


Paternity actions are filed in order to legally establish a child’s biological father, typically for the purposes of protecting one’s parental rights or to allow the mother to acquire child support from the father.

Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are important for couples planning to marry. Many people believe prenuptial agreements are only for the rich and famous. However, prenuptial agreements help all couples.

Parental Relocation

When one parent wants to move more than 50 miles from their current address with a minor child, they will need either the consent of the other parent, or a court order granting a relocation petition.

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Child Support

The amount of the monthly payment is determined by a formula that is spelled out in the Florida Child Support Guidelines. A number of factors are considered in setting the amount of child support that will be paid.