Dividing Businesses
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Dividing Business and Real Estate Assets in Divorce

In many divorce cases, the most substantial assets that need to be divided between the two spouses are business interests and real estate. As opposed to a bank account, both of these types of assets can be particularly difficult to value and distribute fairly between two parties.

Miami property division lawyer Ronald H. Kauffman draws on his experience in family, business and real estate law to help clients resolve business and real estate issues in divorce. Clients can rely on Ron to protect their interests and pursue workable solutions to difficult matters.


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Identifying, Valuing and Dividing Key Marital Assets

There are multiple steps involved in the process of dividing marital assets in a Florida divorce. First, those assets must be identified. Then, they must be valued. Finally, the parties must negotiate a property settlement or go to court to determine how the assets will be divided.

Ron is prepared to guide clients through this process, and his varied experience as an attorney puts him in an especially strong position to help clients divide these complex assets:

  • Business assets: If you own a business that you rely on for your livelihood, you are going to want to maintain ownership and control of the business. If your spouse has built a business during your marriage, you are going to want your fair share of the value of the business. Ron can help you identify your goals and pursue the results you deserve.
  • Real estate: A family residence is both a home and an investment. Especially given recent turmoil in the housing market, you are going to want to obtain the maximum value for the investments you have made in your home while determining which spouse (if either) is going to continue living there. Ron can help you address these important issues.

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If you are going through a divorce and concerned about how real estate or business division will affect your interests, Ron can advise you on your options and help you pursue your goals. To schedule a free consultation, please contact his office at 800-556-2329 or by e-mail.


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