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When one parent wants to move more than 50 miles from their current address with a minor child, they will need either the consent of the other parent, or a court order granting a relocation petition. Relocation issue can come up during a divorce or paternity action, or long after the judgment has been signed by the judge.

Relocations come up often when one parent wants to move out-of-state for a new job, or because they are getting remarried.


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Miami relocation lawyer Ronald H. Kauffman is board certified as an expert to effectively handle all relocation requests and defenses. Whether you are expecting your relocation case to be relatively amicable or highly contested, Ron can help you protect your parental rights and your children’s futures.

Putting Long-Term Parenting Plans in Place

In any relocation case, a detailed petition for relocation has to be filed with the court before the judge can proceed with the hearing. Relocation requests are not automatic given, even if you enjoy majority timesharing with your children. A request to relocate should be made with plenty of time before your expected move, and are rarely granted as a last minute request. If not handled expertly, a judge may not allow you to move away with your child, which means if you do move, you would move without your child.

If relocation issues cannot be resolved between the parents through informal negotiations or mediation, they must be resolved by the court based on the best interests of the child. Ron can advise you on all of the potential future issues you will face in seeking relocation, and guide you toward a workable solution.

If you and your spouse have different goals, Ron can advise you on your legal options and help you pursue a favorable outcome. Drawing on his substantial experience in both settlement conference rooms and courtrooms, he will take the approach that is best for your specific situation.

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Relocations are going to affect your relationships with your children, and can be one of the most emotional aspects of the divorce process. To schedule a free consultation to discuss how Ron can assist you, please contact his office at 800-556-2329 or by by e-mail.


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