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Tips to Find the Perfect Attorney

On behalf of Ronald H. Kauffman, P.A. posted in Attorneys on Thursday, December 12, 2013.

I’m not just marketing myself here. OK I am, but that’s not the point of this post. divorce and family cases have become complex, and the laws are changing fast. Hire an expert. Attorneys who are “Board Certified” have the only expert designation allowed by the Florida Bar. You have to start your divorce with which lawyer to choose. So, how do you choose one? The Huffington Post offered up a few tips I’d like to share:

Tip #1


You’re under pressure, your spouse’s attorney is flooding you with nasty letters. Guess what? This is a life crisis not an emergency.

Choosing a divorce lawyer is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. Researching options will pay huge financial and emotional dividends.

Tip #2

Tell Your Greek Chorus to Quiet Down

Most of us turn to our family, friends, and colleagues for advice. They all have agendas. Your tennis partner — still reeling from his wife’s affair with her personal trainer — will gladly produce the number of his gladiator. Your recently divorced friend who got “fleeced — I’m telling you fleeced!” will eagerly refer you to her shark litigator.

While we all need support during this time, what your loved ones don’t know can hurt you. Do your own homework. Only you can know what kind of lawyer is the right fit for you.

Tip #3

Take a Personal Inventory

Ask yourself: Is a long, bitter courtroom battle best? Try to think beyond today’s pain and rage. Do you want to squander both your kids’ college fund and any potential good will in a litigation?

Consider preserving your family’s resources and the possibility of dancing with your ex at your daughter’s wedding.

Tip #4

Educate yourself

There are many ways to get divorced. The most common approaches – Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, and Litigation – differ in a number of important ways. You need to get up to speed on them.

If you’re not sure which “type” of divorce would be best for you, interview attorneys who are the experts.

Tip #5

Avoid a sales pitch

Attorneys have an ethical obligation to explain all legal process options. If you’re not getting good answers, go elsewhere.

Tip #6

Cheaper ain’t a bargain. Expensive ain’t better.

Tip #7

Choose a good listener

A good lawyer will take the time to put you at ease by listening carefully to your story, asking relevant questions, addressing your immediate concerns and offering emotional support.


Tip #8

Trust your gut

Picking a divorce lawyer is like dating. If there’s a voice in your head whispering “run,” then run. You’re getting out of bad relationship; don’t jump into another one.