A New Order Impacts Every Dade County Divorce

On behalf of Ronald H. Kauffman, P.A. posted in Divorce on Thursday, October 23, 2014.

A Florida Congressman’s messy divorce is a lot messier. His wife claims he’s not paying for home repairs and cut off her credit cards. Will the new Miami Administrative Order make vengeful tactics a thing of the past?

Dirty tricks, such as cutting off health insurance, chopping up credit cards, and turning off vital utilities, are common events in a divorce.

The Florida Congressman’s wife has been a stay-at-home mother, and has no financial resources to maintain the home. The Congressman’s attorney says:

“If she is a poor housekeeper, that’s her issue, not his.”

In August 2014, the Chief Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit in Miami-Dade County entered an administrative order impacting every divorce in Miami.

The order imposes new rules which may impact every single new divorce in Miami include the following:

  • Neither party can permanently remove children from their current county of residence.
  • If you have children, the parent with whom the children are not residing should make voluntary payments of child support before entry of an order requiring child support.
  • Parents are ordered to abide by the shared parental responsibility statute.
  • Everyone is required to attend mediation before a final hearing.
  • Everyone is now ordered to refrain from physical, verbal, or any other form of harassment, including by telephone, email, or text messaging at their house or at work.
  • No one in a divorce can conceal, damage, or dispose of any asset, except by written consent of the parties or an order of court.
  • Neither party can cancel telephone, electric, or water and sewer services.
  • Neither party can destroy family records, business records, or any records of income or debts.
  • No one in a divorce can incur any unreasonable debts binding the other spouse.

The new Administrative order is now in effect. It was designed to promote the stability of families going through a divorce, and reduce the number of “emergency” hearings.

The new administrative order is available here.