Heat and Bull in Post-Judgment Agreements

By The Law Offices of Ronald H. Kauffman of Ronald H. Kauffman, P.A. posted in Agreements on Monday, July 11, 2016.

Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife isn’t over the divorce. She wants to throw out the settlement agreement, and get part of his new Chicago Bull’s contract. When you pull more bull, you can catch more heat.

After the basketball superstar signed a two-year, $47 million deal with his hometown Chicago Bulls, Wade’s ex-wife reportedly said she wants to re-open her divorce settlement.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Siohvaughn Funches asked a judge to throw out her settlement agreement with Wade, and give her a larger portion of his basketball earnings, including part of his new contract.

I’ve written about post-judgment divorce issues in the past. Now that Dwyane Wade is newly remarried, there may be an opportunity for Funches to request financial information from the new spouse.

Funches and Wade settled their divorce back in 2013 with a settlement exceeding $5 million. Now she wants more after learning that Dwyane signed a $47 million deal with the Chicago Bulls.

The two married in 2002 when Wade filed for divorce in 2007 and the court made the split official in 2010. Wade, who grew up with Funches in south suburban Robbins, won sole custody of their two children, Zaire and Zion.

That 2011 custody decision upset Funches, who staged a bizarre sit-in protest in Daley Plaza claiming Wade had left her “homeless.” A non-disparagement clause in the settlement prevents both sides from trading further insults about each other.

According to Funches’ website, she recently completed a self-published autobiography that includes details of how she says she survived the “turmoils of injustice and corruption in the legal system in America.”

The Chicago WGNTV has the story here.