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Future First Lady and Divorce

There is a rumor going viral on the internet that Melania Trump is filing for divorce from her husband, president-elect Donald Trump. Is it true?

According to one source, the Nevada County Scooper (motto: what we lack in credibility we make up for in humor) reports:

Donald Trump, the brash entrepreneur who is running for President in the 2016 election, is filing for divorce from wife Melania. Melania, a model and designer, has been married to Donald since 2005. She is Donald’s third wife.

Sources cite growing discord between the once happy couple. They have been seen arguing frequently and spending most of the time apart from each other.

An anonymous source, spoke to us about the split. He said, “Donald just feels like she has not risen to his level of greatness. She has not embraced The Donald’s persona.”

I checked with Snopes, and they find: “there was no truth to this story.” But, what if the story was true? I’ve written about preparing for divorce before. There are some things any spouse should do to remain financially secure in divorce.

Surround Yourself with Professionals

You need to hire your own lawyer, not rely on your spouse’s attorney to be fair. Another professional is a financial planner or accountant, or both.

Secure Your Financial Documents

Before anyone can assist you, you need to understand your financial situation: all the assets and debts, not just the joint property. This is much easier to do when you have gathered the essential tax, banking and credit card documents.

Update your Will

Many couples have a will they made when married. If so, you may need to update it in order to give power to the provision in your marital settlement agreement.

Child and Spousal Support

Child support and alimony are big issues when you prepare for divorce. How much you receive or have to pay in support is governed by Florida law or it can be a decision you and your spouse may agree to within reason.

The Nevada County Scooper article is here.