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Three Men Family Law Case Update 2023

The Three Men and a Family Law Case Update is back. Many of the changes to timesharing and alimony would cause some to say 2023 has been an “active” year in Florida  family law. So, for anyone interested in discussing the latest developments in Florida family law, and hasn’t already registered, I will be speaking at the Three Men and a Family Law Case Update 2023 on Thursday, October 19, 2023 starting at 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Case Law Update

Join me and fellow Florida Bar Board Certified Marital & Family Law attorneys, Reuben Doupé and Cash A. Eaton, for an interactive discussion on some of the major Florida marital and family law changes that have redrawn the family law landscape in 2023.

The course is an online webinar, and we will be reviewing many of the most important recent appellate opinions within Florida Marital and Family Law. Reuben, Cash and I will cover a wide range of topics from Florida’s newest family law cases.

Sponsored by the Florida Bar Family Law Section, attendees will be eligible for 1.5 CLE credits.

Registration is still open so register here.

Speaking Engagement

I will be speaking at the Family Court Services, Lunch & Learn discussion series in Miami on Wednesday, November 14th. I will be speaking with Judge Jason Dimitris and Dr. Netta Shaked on avoiding and surviving a Florida licensing board, Florida Bar, and Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission complaint.

family law speech

Few things can cause stress to a judge, lawyer, or other professional than receiving a complaint from your licensing board, the Florida Bar or the Judicial Qualifications Commission.

Facing a formal complaint can be a daunting experience and may be a “scarlet letter” on your career. When you work in the arena of family law, you need to be especially prepared for the possibility of receiving a complaint, because the stakes are so high and passions run deep.

Speaking on the topic of complaints together with a judge and mental health professional, this presentation will help all mental health professionals, attorneys, and members of the judiciary become familiar with the process of a licensing board, Florida Bar and JQC complaint, from submission through possible hearing and alternative outcomes.

Dr. Netta Shaked, Judge Jason Dimitris, and Ronald Kauffman, Esq. will outline how complaints may impact you, both professionally and personally. In addition, they will highlight ways to cope with and overcome the results of the complaint process, on a professional and personal level. Lastly, they will identify some red flags and tips for avoiding a complaint altogether.

There is still time to register. Register here.